Vaastu for Home Interiors

by dawn |August 20, 2019 | Blogs

Our home is our sanctuary. A Vaastu-compliant home ensures that we are surrounded by positive energy every time we step into it. Since in the limited space we have in our urban settings, it is not possible to always build a home architecture to be Vaastu-compliant, interior décor helps one achieve that perfect balance.

Vaastu in Interior Arrangement

Vaastu specialists have pointed out over the years how Vaastu colors and Vaastu objects can have a great effect on our day to day lives. The interior arrangement of a home impacts the Vaastu of a property greatly.

  • The home entrance holds a special place in Vaastu as all the good and bad energies enter through this path; its position has to be Vaastu-compliant.
  • The kitchen and where it is positioned within the house affect the family’s health and wealth. The kitchen hob facing east will bring family prosperity.
  • The right Vaastu colors when adorning a bedroom wall can have a positive impact on the inhabitant’s health, career and personal life.
  • Where one chooses to place their pooja room affects the peace and prosperity of their home.
  • Positioning the wealth corner of a house to the south-west will help one multiply their fortunes.
  • Mirrors are important Vaastu objects and their placement affects the energy in the house.
  • The right Vaastu colors on the walls can bring about a change of luck.
  • Correct placement of water is another factor keeping a family healthy and hygienic.

Applying Vaastu to the Smaller Things

Interior design covers all aspects of a home, whether it’s doors, windows, walls, colors or textures. Vaastu aims to allow harmony into one’s life by finding the perfect balance between these 5 elements – fire, water, earth, air, and space.

Each room has eight directions. The placement of the furniture must be in its appropriate octant in order to sync with the element. The doors and windows must be constructed to be in the Vaastu-appropriate position. For example, the entrance of the house must be in the east as the Sun rises in the east.

Vaastu Tricks and Tips

Just like directions, Vaastu also suggests that colors have a positive and negative impact on our lives. Some tricks and tips are as follows –

  • Black should not be used while decorating the kitchen.
  • The study room should be East facing.
  • One should not sleep while facing North.
  • The corners of the rooms should be kept clean.

These are just some of the ways. There are many more ways to be Vaastu-compliant. After all, a little tweak in interior design is not much of a price to pay for a happy and prosperous life.

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