The Design Secret No One Told You About

by dawn |August 20, 2019 | Blogs

Interior design is the one key ingredient to achieve that perfect home aesthetics that you have been craving for. Although there are plenty of tips and tricks on home design available, the best ones of the lot are still being kept a secret.

Make Your Bedroom Bold and Beautiful

Your bedroom is your oasis. It is where you find solace after the end of a hard day or come celebrate your victories. Thus, it must also reflect your desires.

One of the best and quickest ways of making sure that your personality is reflected in your bedroom is to hang it right on the wall. Bold wallpapers do just this.

Contrast Rug in Living Room

Show your guests the old world charm within the new by putting a beautiful traditional rug on your modern living room floor. The impeccable craftsmanship stands out and gives out a regal vibe. Two different colored rugs instead of a single one stand and make your living space the talk of the town.

Dining under the Light

Decorate your dining room with bold designer light fixtures. The space above your dining table is a goldmine of opportunities. Make sure you use it well.

Mix and match modern hanging lights, or make a big splash with a dramatic chandelier, the options are unlimited. Or if you want, use your favorite celebrity faces on glass and play around with their shadows on the table.

One for the Kitchen, One for the Soul

Food is where the heart is, and food is in the kitchen. This is the space where you make your meals to provide for your family and it deserves special attention.

Although kitchens are utilitarian in nature, that does not mean they can’t be fancy. Play around with the texture and color in your kitchen. Texture, especially, creates a story with shadow and light and provides depth to your kitchen interior.

Use different material like wood for the cabinets or a metal shine on your light fixtures to match the metal utensils, the options are endless.

Balcony Highlights

The balcony is a big part of how outsiders see your home. Light up those walls to attract attention. Use bright colors and textures on your balcony and use wall mounted lights. Create an illusion of highlight walls and grabs the attention your home deserves.

One Color Fits All

Paint the bathrooms a single color on the walls, ceilings as well as floor tiles. Mono-color gives the illusion of a bigger space. The lighter the color, the better.

Kids and Colors

“Blue for boys, Pink for girls” is no longer in vogue. We now raise our children outside of the gender-biases of our previous generations. Gender neutral themes for kid’s bedrooms go a long way to assure our children that they are not bound by the stereotypes of their gender.

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