Indian Style Interior Design

by dawn |August 20, 2019 | Blogs

Indian aesthetics have always been impeccable. They are the perfect balance of art and architecture with utilitarianism. Indian style interior design is no exception. The subtle mix of ancient arts with an evolving sense of style has made it one of the most exotic brands of interior design.

There are certain aesthetics to it though. Let us today try to find the key elements to the Indian style of interior design.

A Splash of Colors

India is known for its vibrant colors. Much like their clothes, food, and festivals, Indian interior design likes to use vibrant colors to express themselves. However, the temptation to use too many colors can often lead to chaos.

It is a smarter choice to stick to an earthy color palette, and sprinkle on a few bright colors in between. For example, keeping the base color to a muted chrome yellow, use burnt orange and terracotta red prudently to brighten up your home.

Wood Furnishing

Wood has always been an integral part of Indian homes. Use wooden furnishings with copper, bronze or ivory customizations to complement them.

The wood looks very much in sync with the earthy color tones of Indian homes and adds to its beauty.

Cabinets as Accessories

Traditional Indian cabinets add to the glamour of a home. They are often embellished with mirror or stonework and ivory inlay work. Use these cabinets to spruce up your homes.

They are very practical for storage and can serve multiple purposes.

The Personal Touch

One of the most important features of an Indian home is how welcoming it is. A comfortable seating area is a huge part of it.

Use multiple levels of seating using chairs, sofas, and divans. Rugs, carpets, and cushions create a welcoming space for the residents and guests alike. Warm colors only add to its spirit.

Add to the Indian Touch

India is famous for its craftwork. Use handicraft decors such as vases and woven jute swings as decorative items to add to the Indianness of your home.

Diyas and decorative sandalwood or marble boxes add a special touch to the place.

Handloom Beauty

Use handspun fabrics to alleviate the design. The patterns and motifs used on handloom fabrics when used as curtains, or bed sheets or pillow covers make your home a warmer place.

Religious and cultural symbolism in many of the designs presents a spiritual touch to your home.


Paintings can add to the beauty of your homes. Different styles such as Madhubani or Kalighat Pat Paintings can give your home that final missing bit.

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