Contemporary Style of Interior Design

by dawn |August 20, 2019 | Blogs

The new mantra for interior design is minimalism. The contemporary style of interior design achieves exactly this. There are few tricks to achieving this particular style.


Black and White, along with neutral colors form the backbone of the contemporary design palette. Bright and bold colors are used sparsely to contrast these neutral tones.

Neutral walls with bold mountings or pastel walls with neutral trimmings are the go-to décor today. Grey and other cool colors are much in demand.

Lines in Space

Using furnishings to create straight lines that separate a room into individual spaces is a feature of the contemporary style of design. Using color-blocks create similar lines on walls and other surfaces as well.

Using brick patterns on walls to play with lines and space creates a wonderful backdrop.

New Age Furnishing

A bold statement can be made even with the simplest style of furnishing. Clean, geometric shades are preferred. A smooth glossy surface has an elegance that fits the contemporary style.

Inset handles instead of protruding ones set these furnishings apart.

Natural fibers add to the muted glamour of this furniture. Monotonal colors make them popup against the neutral walls.

Basic Floorwork

Simple tiled or vinyl floors are preferred. Wood is also a welcome alternative.

Rugs with geometric prints, made of natural fibers are essential to this school of design.


Track lighting provides great control over the light direction as required. It gives the walls a washed-out light. Similarly, recessed lighting allows light to flow from the walls and ceilings, without the need for a pinhole source.

Harsh lighting is discouraged. Instead, smooth, washed-out lighting is the in thing.

Lighting Art Pieces

Spotlights that only light up the art piece gives the art special attention.

Art Fixtures

Glossy or matte frames, whether with wooden or metal finish, are used to frame art. Large artwork is not encouraged. Instead, using multiple smaller pieces to create the illusion of a larger piece is what contemporary style is all about.

Design Elements

Use of glass, stones, and metal is encouraged. Fabrics with vibrant colors and motifs are used to spruce up the surroundings.

Colorful, confusing patterns are key to the contemporary style of interior design. Even in the case of dinnerware, the same design rules apply.

Adding Greenery

Plants and orchids are a huge part of this style. They add a little bit of life to the otherwise muted style of contemporary design.

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