Contemporary Style of Interior Design

The new mantra for interior design is minimalism. The contemporary style of interior design achieves exactly this. There are few tricks to achieving this particular style. Colors Black and White, along with neutral colors form the backbone of the contemporary design palette. Bright and bold colors are used sparsely to contrast these neutral tones. Neutral […]

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Indian Style Interior Design

Indian aesthetics have always been impeccable. They are the perfect balance of art and architecture with utilitarianism. Indian style interior design is no exception. The subtle mix of ancient arts with an evolving sense of style has made it one of the most exotic brands of interior design. There are certain aesthetics to it though. […]

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Interior Design for Small Homes

The interior of a house is a reflection of its inhabitants. However, in cramped urban cities, it is hard to find spacious homes. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your aesthetics. These small space design ideas are lifesavers for all those who live in small houses but dream big. Think Big, Shrink […]

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The Design Secret No One Told You About

Interior design is the one key ingredient to achieve that perfect home aesthetics that you have been craving for. Although there are plenty of tips and tricks on home design available, the best ones of the lot are still being kept a secret. Make Your Bedroom Bold and Beautiful Your bedroom is your oasis. It […]

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Vaastu for Home Interiors

Our home is our sanctuary. A Vaastu-compliant home ensures that we are surrounded by positive energy every time we step into it. Since in the limited space we have in our urban settings, it is not possible to always build a home architecture to be Vaastu-compliant, interior décor helps one achieve that perfect balance. Vaastu […]

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