Contemporary Style of Interior Design

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The new mantra for interior design is minimalism. The contemporary style of interior design achieves exactly this. There are few tricks to achieving this particular style.


Black and White, along with neutral colors form the backbone of the contemporary design palette. Bright and bold colors are used sparsely to contrast these neutral tones.

Neutral walls with bold mountings or pastel walls with neutral trimmings are the go-to décor today. Grey and other cool colors are much in demand.

Lines in Space

Using furnishings to create straight lines that separate a room into individual spaces is a feature of the contemporary style of design. Using color-blocks create similar lines on walls and other surfaces as well.

Using brick patterns on walls to play with lines and space creates a wonderful backdrop.

New Age Furnishing

A bold statement can be made even with the simplest style of furnishing. Clean, geometric shades are preferred. A smooth glossy surface has an elegance that fits the contemporary style.

Inset handles instead of protruding ones set these furnishings apart.

Natural fibers add to the muted glamour of this furniture. Monotonal colors make them popup against the neutral walls.

Basic Floorwork

Simple tiled or vinyl floors are preferred. Wood is also a welcome alternative.

Rugs with geometric prints, made of natural fibers are essential to this school of design.


Track lighting provides great control over the light direction as required. It gives the walls a washed-out light. Similarly, recessed lighting allows light to flow from the walls and ceilings, without the need for a pinhole source.

Harsh lighting is discouraged. Instead, smooth, washed-out lighting is the in thing.

Lighting Art Pieces

Spotlights that only light up the art piece gives the art special attention.

Art Fixtures

Glossy or matte frames, whether with wooden or metal finish, are used to frame art. Large artwork is not encouraged. Instead, using multiple smaller pieces to create the illusion of a larger piece is what contemporary style is all about.

Design Elements

Use of glass, stones, and metal is encouraged. Fabrics with vibrant colors and motifs are used to spruce up the surroundings.

Colorful, confusing patterns are key to the contemporary style of interior design. Even in the case of dinnerware, the same design rules apply.

Adding Greenery

Plants and orchids are a huge part of this style. They add a little bit of life to the otherwise muted style of contemporary design.

Indian Style Interior Design

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Indian aesthetics have always been impeccable. They are the perfect balance of art and architecture with utilitarianism. Indian style interior design is no exception. The subtle mix of ancient arts with an evolving sense of style has made it one of the most exotic brands of interior design.

There are certain aesthetics to it though. Let us today try to find the key elements to the Indian style of interior design.

A Splash of Colors

India is known for its vibrant colors. Much like their clothes, food, and festivals, Indian interior design likes to use vibrant colors to express themselves. However, the temptation to use too many colors can often lead to chaos.

It is a smarter choice to stick to an earthy color palette, and sprinkle on a few bright colors in between. For example, keeping the base color to a muted chrome yellow, use burnt orange and terracotta red prudently to brighten up your home.

Wood Furnishing

Wood has always been an integral part of Indian homes. Use wooden furnishings with copper, bronze or ivory customizations to complement them.

The wood looks very much in sync with the earthy color tones of Indian homes and adds to its beauty.

Cabinets as Accessories

Traditional Indian cabinets add to the glamour of a home. They are often embellished with mirror or stonework and ivory inlay work. Use these cabinets to spruce up your homes.

They are very practical for storage and can serve multiple purposes.

The Personal Touch

One of the most important features of an Indian home is how welcoming it is. A comfortable seating area is a huge part of it.

Use multiple levels of seating using chairs, sofas, and divans. Rugs, carpets, and cushions create a welcoming space for the residents and guests alike. Warm colors only add to its spirit.

Add to the Indian Touch

India is famous for its craftwork. Use handicraft decors such as vases and woven jute swings as decorative items to add to the Indianness of your home.

Diyas and decorative sandalwood or marble boxes add a special touch to the place.

Handloom Beauty

Use handspun fabrics to alleviate the design. The patterns and motifs used on handloom fabrics when used as curtains, or bed sheets or pillow covers make your home a warmer place.

Religious and cultural symbolism in many of the designs presents a spiritual touch to your home.


Paintings can add to the beauty of your homes. Different styles such as Madhubani or Kalighat Pat Paintings can give your home that final missing bit.

Interior Design for Small Homes

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The interior of a house is a reflection of its inhabitants. However, in cramped urban cities, it is hard to find spacious homes. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your aesthetics. These small space design ideas are lifesavers for all those who live in small houses but dream big.

Think Big, Shrink It

Space-saving furniture is key to small home décor. Why get a dining table when a coffee table can fit both of you? Guest rooms aren’t a reality anymore. Get a sofa-cum-bed instead and have your living room double as a guest encloser.

Instead of getting a TV cabinet, get a wall mount LED instead. Similarly, nobody needs a desk taking up half of your room space. Try a wall desk.

Simple Design

Simple, yet elegant, designs help save space. A fancy coffee table with carving might catch your eye, but two small round tables do the trick too. In fact, they can be arranged any way you see fit for every other purpose.

Use a large cupboard instead of multiple cabinets. They have much more interior space and only occupy a single space. Similarly, use a bathtub cum shower instead of a separate cubicle.

Kitchen cum Dining Space

Integrated kitchen and dining make for an excellent space-saver. At the same time, it feels more personal. There are many modular kitchen setups that are built with dining space just for this purpose.

Besides, who doesn’t love to cook with their loved ones?

Living Foyer

An integrated living foyer is a wonderful idea to help save some more space. Use the front porch or the balcony as your living room instead of trying to find space within the home area.

Not only does this save you space, but it also allows you to enjoy the sights outside of your four walls.

Mirror Mirror

This is a very old trick. Mirrors make any space look bigger. The reflection feels like an extension. Use wisely placed mirrors to create some virtual space.

For example, place a mirror right opposite to your dining space. Every time you will look at the reflection, you feel like you are in a larger space.

Sliding Doors and Windows

Use sliding systems between spaces to save up. A door or a window takes up considerable space when open. Sliders prevent that from happening.

Let There Be Light

Use light pastel colors on the walls and upholstery. Lighter tones trick our eyes into thinking a room is more spacious than it actually is.

The Design Secret No One Told You About

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Interior design is the one key ingredient to achieve that perfect home aesthetics that you have been craving for. Although there are plenty of tips and tricks on home design available, the best ones of the lot are still being kept a secret.

Make Your Bedroom Bold and Beautiful

Your bedroom is your oasis. It is where you find solace after the end of a hard day or come celebrate your victories. Thus, it must also reflect your desires.

One of the best and quickest ways of making sure that your personality is reflected in your bedroom is to hang it right on the wall. Bold wallpapers do just this.

Contrast Rug in Living Room

Show your guests the old world charm within the new by putting a beautiful traditional rug on your modern living room floor. The impeccable craftsmanship stands out and gives out a regal vibe. Two different colored rugs instead of a single one stand and make your living space the talk of the town.

Dining under the Light

Decorate your dining room with bold designer light fixtures. The space above your dining table is a goldmine of opportunities. Make sure you use it well.

Mix and match modern hanging lights, or make a big splash with a dramatic chandelier, the options are unlimited. Or if you want, use your favorite celebrity faces on glass and play around with their shadows on the table.

One for the Kitchen, One for the Soul

Food is where the heart is, and food is in the kitchen. This is the space where you make your meals to provide for your family and it deserves special attention.

Although kitchens are utilitarian in nature, that does not mean they can’t be fancy. Play around with the texture and color in your kitchen. Texture, especially, creates a story with shadow and light and provides depth to your kitchen interior.

Use different material like wood for the cabinets or a metal shine on your light fixtures to match the metal utensils, the options are endless.

Balcony Highlights

The balcony is a big part of how outsiders see your home. Light up those walls to attract attention. Use bright colors and textures on your balcony and use wall mounted lights. Create an illusion of highlight walls and grabs the attention your home deserves.

One Color Fits All

Paint the bathrooms a single color on the walls, ceilings as well as floor tiles. Mono-color gives the illusion of a bigger space. The lighter the color, the better.

Kids and Colors

“Blue for boys, Pink for girls” is no longer in vogue. We now raise our children outside of the gender-biases of our previous generations. Gender neutral themes for kid’s bedrooms go a long way to assure our children that they are not bound by the stereotypes of their gender.

Vaastu for Home Interiors

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Our home is our sanctuary. A Vaastu-compliant home ensures that we are surrounded by positive energy every time we step into it. Since in the limited space we have in our urban settings, it is not possible to always build a home architecture to be Vaastu-compliant, interior décor helps one achieve that perfect balance.

Vaastu in Interior Arrangement

Vaastu specialists have pointed out over the years how Vaastu colors and Vaastu objects can have a great effect on our day to day lives. The interior arrangement of a home impacts the Vaastu of a property greatly.

  • The home entrance holds a special place in Vaastu as all the good and bad energies enter through this path; its position has to be Vaastu-compliant.
  • The kitchen and where it is positioned within the house affect the family’s health and wealth. The kitchen hob facing east will bring family prosperity.
  • The right Vaastu colors when adorning a bedroom wall can have a positive impact on the inhabitant’s health, career and personal life.
  • Where one chooses to place their pooja room affects the peace and prosperity of their home.
  • Positioning the wealth corner of a house to the south-west will help one multiply their fortunes.
  • Mirrors are important Vaastu objects and their placement affects the energy in the house.
  • The right Vaastu colors on the walls can bring about a change of luck.
  • Correct placement of water is another factor keeping a family healthy and hygienic.

Applying Vaastu to the Smaller Things

Interior design covers all aspects of a home, whether it’s doors, windows, walls, colors or textures. Vaastu aims to allow harmony into one’s life by finding the perfect balance between these 5 elements – fire, water, earth, air, and space.

Each room has eight directions. The placement of the furniture must be in its appropriate octant in order to sync with the element. The doors and windows must be constructed to be in the Vaastu-appropriate position. For example, the entrance of the house must be in the east as the Sun rises in the east.

Vaastu Tricks and Tips

Just like directions, Vaastu also suggests that colors have a positive and negative impact on our lives. Some tricks and tips are as follows –

  • Black should not be used while decorating the kitchen.
  • The study room should be East facing.
  • One should not sleep while facing North.
  • The corners of the rooms should be kept clean.

These are just some of the ways. There are many more ways to be Vaastu-compliant. After all, a little tweak in interior design is not much of a price to pay for a happy and prosperous life.