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A home that gets people stand and watch with awe is one that is architecturally brilliant. And it needs the work of experts with passion in their hearts. We will deliver that for you.


Your home, when it has the interior perfectly designed, not only is visually appealing but also radiates positive vibes. We aim to deliver masterpiece each time when it is about designing your interiors

Turnkey solutions

If you look forward for a turnkey solution expert in Bangalore, you will get your perfect partner in us. Together we will deliver the best.

What We Offer



We provide the best residential architecture and interior design services to your home in Bangalore. With experience in delivering multiple projects with full client satisfaction, Dawn design will offer you great ideas for best-looking homes.

We make homes that you will be proud to show your friends and family. Because a beautiful home is something to flaunt. And so, we will deliver you the best compared to anyone else in the market.

Our prices are the most reasonable and affordable. We do the best in your budget. So there is value for money. We design homes that give you peace of mind and relaxation.

We also design large scale residential townships apart from apartments and condominiums. We are also experts in design & architecture for group housing consisting of independent villas, row housing and bungalows.

Corporate office

Corporate offices should be innovative and make the best use of all space. We keep that in mind when we offer a great design for you. Our design & architecture ideas are the most modern and sophisticated. Research suggests that a well-designed workspace can improve the productivity of workers. So why not get the best for business.

Be it for a startup or big enterprise our designs are the right fit for you. Our work in corporate office designs is an example for others and we regularly get new clients from referrals because people love our design sense. As a result, they feel great to refer us to others they know are in need of these services.

We build corporate office keeping in mind maximum utilization of space and also to keep it spacious for the free flow of energy. We do interior designs and architecture for Information Technology parks, Biotechnology Parks & Office campuses including large scale projects like

Industrial Buildings such as Factories & Manufacturing facilities, Product testing laboratories and showrooms.


Designing retails stores and outlets is most complicated and should be left to experts. That’s is the reason you should choose Dawn Designs for it. Retail stores require a modern design with maximum use of available space. Also keeping in mind what kind of product is being sold

Modern-day retail stores are almost a work of art that attracts more customers because customers want to shop more in an attractive looking store as research suggests. It increases the credibility of your business thereby increasing sales.

So you should opt for the best designers to design your retail outlets. And we are the best!

Our interior design and architecture services are best for standalone retail outlets, Commercial buildings, and Shopping Malls including Entertainment Facilities like Cineplexes, Auditoria, Bowling Allies, Cyber game drones.

Hospitality – Hotels

The hospitality & hotels industry is the one in most demand for a perfect and attractive design. The interior design and architecture matter most in order to increase the number of guests. If people are happy with the interior design only then they will return again.

Make sure you have the best interior designers and architects in Bangalore for your newly planned hotels and to re-furnish your old ones.

Dawn design is the perfect choice for you when it comes to designs for the hospitality industry as we have experienced team to handle it.

We undertake interior design and architecture for Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants. We also provide services for LandScape projects such as Parks, Botanical gardens & waterscapes.


Interior designing and architecture for the healthcare industry is a whole different ball game that needs serious experts. It is one of a kind and needs a great deal of understanding for any firm to suggest and design for you the most perfect interiors.

Behind the design for the healthcare industry, there is a lot of thought process involved as things there has to be a perfect balance of necessity and beauty. We know exactly what lies ahead and can deliver it.

We are sure we will deliver you something that you can’t refuse. Our experienced team has done it before and will it even better this time for you. You can be completely sure about that.

Interior design and architectural services for Health Care include Medical Care Facilities & Hospitals primarily.


Institutions nowadays are more than a piece of art and like it or not, the credibility of the institution is largely dependent on the interior design and architecture applied.

The kind of expertise you will need for a great design is what Dawn Design can offer you with pride. What we design is not ordinary but extraordinary. Because we believe design can never be allowed to be ordinary. Be it universities, Colleges, Schools and Laboratories, we will offer the best!

Our design and architectural thoughts are completely different from others and take sufficient inputs from you when delivering on our designs. So its a mix of your ideas and our great design sense.




We were very happy to work with this creative team. the team really spent enough time in listening and understanding our requirements right to take it forward and that helped us to get exactly what we wanted. Much appreciated

Mr. Anand, Bangalore

after many rounds of discussion, we decided to work with your team for our house interiors. the experience was really worth it - starting from the day one till the handover. each and every meeting been well planned and every item been thought through in terms of both design and practicality

Mr. Balu Prasanna, Bangalore

we did interiors for our villa with dawn. extremely satisfied with the approach and the quality delivered. very keen on client needs and attentive to each small detail. Thanks a lot and wish your team best luck

Mr. Sandesh, Davangere

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